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Rights, Respect and Responsibility: Key to a Successful Programme

A good leader earned respect and trust from his subordinate

We always aim for a successful programme that achieved specific goal and objectives. However, the ingredients of beautiful success are made from variant factors and parameters. In the land of motivational training, the indicators that measured the degree of success in programme and events are defined by attitudes and efficiency.


As for me, the key to a successful programme is related to three component of i) rights, ii) respect, and iii) responsibility. These three components reflect the tenets of social learning from one individual to others.


I was once a camp commander to a group of 300 students who were SPM leavers at that time. They were required to stay at the camp that took about 2 months duration and involved almost 20 modules. It is indeed a hectic and packed camp. Of course, you can imagine the anxieties of both facilitators and students at that camp.


However, thorough excellent approaches and teamwork from facilitators, we managed to build a beautiful relationship with the students and raised trust and support from the parents.


Therefore, I truly believed that a successful programme is followed by all parties that know their rights, perform their best of responsibility and respect for each other. Without respect for each other, the facilitators cannot move the crowd to be cooperative. Without responsibility, the entire programme will be in chaos. Lastly, without knowing their rights, one party will have the tendency to be bullied by the other parties. It is fair and square.


Do you seek for excellency in your future programme and training? This is the checklist you need to bear in mind;

  1. Understand your purpose and objectives
  2. Understand the value of your presence
  3. Build trust and respect
  4. Speak up and be interactive
  5. Build relationships & friendship
  6. Try to be transparent
  7. Know ways to add value
  8. Have confidence in your crowd

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