Encourage Behavioral Change Course​


Why This Course?​

This module contains techniques to guide staff behavior that educators can practice in the workspace

The participants will be given the following training:

  1. Learning techniques to encourage staff behavior change.
  2. Applying techniques in encouraging staff behavior for creating conducive workplace. 

Learning Outcomes

Introducing psychological methods in promoting a change in a person’s attitude and behavior.

Know techniques to encourage staff behavior to change positively.
Learn step by step how the technique is easy to practice anytime, anywhere.
Apply the techniques learned to encourage staff with low self-esteem and motivation.

Objective ​

Introducing strategies and techniques on how to transfer knowledge simultaneously encourage willpower, effort and high commitment by staff.

1. Knowing the techniques to encourage positive staff behavior in teaching and learning sessions.

2. Learning step by step the method of bringing the staff closer to the leader and the subjects taught by the leader.

3. Apply techniques so that the teaching and learning process takes place easily and effectively

Content of Module​

This module contains 7 psychological techniques:

  • Principles and strategies of encouragement
  • Encouraging techniques
  • Format of praise and criticism
  • Language characteristics
  • The script used
  • Types of rewards
  • Types of punishment

Lets Encourage your talent to enhance the productivity!

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