Family Day Activity


Foster a Spirit of Cooperation Here!

Time constraints in the life of the community today due to work demands make it difficult for family members to gather and spend time together.


Boost the relationship via family day program​

Tentative 1 (one day program)

8.00 am Arrival / breakfast
8.30 am Ice breaking session
slot 1:Team formation, star rising!
slot 2: Pre test
9.30 am Water rafting
2.00 pm Trek back to lodge / BBQ Lunch
3.00 pm Explore & Race
Game 1 – The Team Bonding Game (Capture the Scene)
Game 2 – The Trust Game (Human Chair)
Game 3 – The Scarification Game (Human transfer)
Game 4 –The Blind Game (Leadership & followership games)
Games 5 – The Cold Factor
5.30 pm PM tea break / Post test
6.00 pm Closing ceremony

Family Day Program is seen to be able to strengthen friendship

In this regard, this family day program will provide space and opportunities for family members, friends and community members to strengthen friendship and brotherhood among organisation.

As well as foster a spirit of cooperation and unity among the community.​

Tentative 2 (one day program)

08.00 am Depart to AsiaCamp
09.00 am Welcome tea
09.30 am Tele-match
12.30 pm Leisure time
01.30 pm Lunch/ Karaoke
04.00pm Depart

Savour Your Next Family Day Program!​

2 thoughts on “Family Day

  1. MEL says:

    Hi Bole berikan saya sebut harga untuk family day pakage & harga harga chalet dan dorm

  2. Susielawatie hassim says:

    Bolehkan tak berikan saya sebut harga untuk family day pakage & harga harga chalet dan dorm untuk Khas OKU pendengaran.

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