Effective Leadership Course​


Why This Course?​

This module will clearly show the teaching strategies and techniques to be an effective leader when guiding staff to excel.

Learning Outcomes

Introducing strategies and techniques on how to transfer knowledge so as to encourage willpower, effort and high commitment by staff.

1. Knowing the techniques to encourage positive staff behavior in teaching and learning sessions.

2. Learning step by step the method of bringing the staff closer to the leader and the subjects taught by the leader.

3. Apply techniques so that the teaching and learning process takes place easily and effectively

Objective ​

The training that will be given to the participants is:

1. Know the role and quality as a driving force.

2. Develop effective motivation strategies and techniques.

3. Applying Techniques to create a positive circle among team.

Content of Module​

1. Principles and strategies of encouragement
2. Teaching techniques
3. Focus on communication
4. Language characteristics
5. Effective scripts
6. Action plan

Lets Encourage your talent to enhance the productivity!

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