Team Building

Team Building Process

Team building need process. People comes with different experience before they come to team. It is good practice for a team to undergoes the process in order to make team success.

Involving all team members in meetings and activities is necessary to build and foster good teamwork and team spirit. It is often the case in some cases where only the highest chairperson of committee discusses and make decisions on matters.

This is not always a good idea for the overall development of a team or organization. Therefore, it is the responsibility of all to strive to create a conducive environment in which all team members feel called to engage directly in all matters and activities.

There are several ways you can do this in an effort to engage all members of this team. The first is that the team leader can ask questions publicly such as “Is this a good way for our team?” This will inevitably cause team members to reflexively respond to their views.

The second way is that a leader can continue to pass the question on to another member if the first member in question fails to respond. But the key here, once the first member has answered the question, is to return the original question to the first member. This method is very effective in ensuring that all members’ voices are heard.

Involving all members in activities such as “warm up” and Ice Breaking exercises is also one of the most frequently used methods in her Asia Camp motivational camp. During this activity coaches and educators will try to avoid a win-lose situation instead of introducing a win-win situation.

The conclusions and results of these discussions and activities should be stated briefly and clearly to all team members. If necessary, a team leader should repeat important statements and instructions that the team member must follow.

The definitive goal is the starting point for success

W. Clement Stone

A few handy tips for team leaders as you engage in activities that involve all team members, making sure that eye contact is appropriate and always try to incorporate light jokes so that team members do not feel clumsy. As such, group co-operation is certainly achievable.

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