"How to Encourage" Course​


Why This Course?​

The culture in the workplace greatly affect staff productivity.

Unhealthy social relationships among staff produce negative effects on productivity.

Learn how to encourage coworker will create a healthy and positive work environment. It is the duty of all staff.

Learning Outcomes

1. Introducing the types of social attitudes that can damage a healthy climate at work.
2. Explain the types of social skills that create a positive atmosphere in the workplace.
3. Give the skills to say words of support colleagues who are experiencing difficulties.
4. Gives skills to express opinions without damaging good relationships.
5. Give the basic skills of encouraging colleagues

Objective ​

  • Introducing the types of staff attitudes and behaviors that create positive effects on the culture in the workplace.
  • Introducing strategies and techniques of how creates a positive effect when speaks.
  • Introducing guidelines for speaking at work so as not to damage good relationships among colleagues.

Content of Module​

  • Social attitudes and their impact on workplace climate.
  • Counseling colleagues
  • The risk of expressing feelings
  • Provide support and psychological support
  • Criticize in a safe way
  • Give safe positive feedback
  • 7. Resolve conflicts among colleagues

Lets Encourage your talent to enhance the productivity!

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