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Team Building in Express Train Activity

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Team building represents a broad and common phrase used in leadership training. However, we generally understand that the term team building involved teamwork and is always focused on collaboration between member to allow innovation and creativity. These team building activities require patience and harmony of each member while working or completing tasks.

To no surprise, communication and working together is the top reason why people choose team building. Everybody wants a friendly work environment, where people are comfortable and happy to talk, to work, to play or even to live with anyone.

Therefore, one of the best reasons for team building is that the activities that work and promote to accomplish improved self and group communication.

Testimonials all over the Asia Camp posts and activities have attested to the importance of team building.

A successful team building activity will surely mean to a more comfortable and successful workplace environment for any institution, organization or company, small or big.

Express train activity one of simple team building activity that promote collaboration and coherence coordination amongst members

For example, a simple team-building activity of the tunnel module generates fun activity and promotes coherence among the member. The activity focuses on self-endurance, tolerance, and passion of the team member in completing the task. The activity requires participants to attach and crossing their legs to their friends’ west and togetherness move forward without breaking the line. In the end, this express train activity which looks simple and easy activity managed to establish as follow;


  1. Communication and working better together
  2. Collaboration and fostering for innovation and creativity
  3. Celebration of team spirit, fun, and motivation
  4. Competition and bragging rights
  5. Teamwork and boosting team performance
  6. Networking, socializing and getting to know each other better


For conclusion, the team-building goal seems easy to be reached. Sometimes it can be too hard to achieve. This is related and influenced side by side to the background of the participants, the efficiency of modules and facilitator’s approaches as well as other factors. However, providing a modular designed module that aims at specific objectives is possible to be achieved.

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