Social Media Manager


Why This Course?​

A Social Media Manager is an individual responsible for an organization’s social media platform. 

Among their main tasks is the provision of responsive content, sensitive to customer engagement, organizing strategic campaigns and providing guidance and advice from time to time regarding the online reputation of presence on social media platforms.


social media manager

Learning Outcomes

Social Media Manager is a new career that can fill the list of freelance jobs for the people to provide services for managing clients’ social media from home. 

We provide an intensive case study of how you can become a freelancer as a Social Media Manager.

Objective ​

Social media is one way to interact with your prospects and customers. Entrepreneurs need to properly manage their social media so that they don’t sink and instead continue to stand out in the midst of information congestion.

This is where a Social Media Manager is needed to help entrepreneurs who don’t have the time and expertise in digital marketing.

Field of Work:

  • Social Media management Company
  • Freelancer for copywriting of content provider.

Suggested service:

  • RM 1,500.00/ 1 month for 1 company.



Content of Module​

  • Setup and Optimizing Facebook and Instagram for Business

– Customer Avatar

– Facebook Advertising

– Content Marketing

  • Canva for Business

– Function & Menu

– Layout & Template

– Poster, Animation & Video

  • Social Media Manager

– PMS profile

– Content Strategy

– Policy and Etiquette

– Facebook Insight

– Become a Social Media Manager

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