Team Building

Types of Team Building Games
Various activities of team building at AsiaCamp

Here are 5 types of team building games for the Company:

1. Breakthrough Together

This game can inspire you to fill out the company’s outdoor team building and how fun it is to play. The way to play it is that each group is 10-40 people. Each person should transfer the element inside the tank into another place. The team building¬† game requires full balance, focus and concentration so that the bottle above does not fall off. For the group that succeeded and did not drop the bottle it was considered a winner. The purpose of the game is to practice balance, learn to interact, learn to focus, and learn to balance your thoughts and opinions.

2. The Human Bridge

In a team building’s game of human bridges using webbing rope media, coloured balls, gallons, plates, and bamboo. The number of participants will be from 6- 20 people, each of which will be given a bamboo 80 cm in length and the bamboo will be arranged to resemble a bridge. One of the group members climbed the bamboo bridge without falling to pick up the ball at the finish line. By the foot of the participant, the foot of the bridge cannot reach the ground while the bridge continues to reach the finish line. The purpose of the game is to train physical strength, concentration, responsibility, and cooperation.

3. Time Bomb

The lakeside Time Bomb’s natural imagery is one of the team building games in outbound activity. The game is quite interesting using the media of balloons, ropes, and balls. The way to play it is that each group of 7-13 people, each group will get one strap already attached to a pipe. And on the pipe, there is a football that is carried to the finish without falling. If the ball drops then it will be restored from the start. The purpose of the game is to train cooperation, focus and patience

4. Find the Gold Ball

This team building game is unique, as is the way in which each group will designate one person from the group. However, the participant is blindfolded and the other member directs the blindfolded participant to pick up a gold coloured ball that has been circulated in the box bound. The aim of the game is to be honest, to trust your friends, to listen to your friends’ opinions and instructions.

5. Robot A

Robot A is a game played by a team of around 5-8 people. This game can be played both by teens and adults. With bamboo media and ropes tied in 5 angles until they form the letter A or Robot A. Above is someone who has the task of balancing the game. The way to play this game is that for the team that successfully moves robot A to the finish line first, he is the winner. This game requires a larger area such as a field. This activity is useful for training people to make decisions, trusting friends and working together.

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