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Life: Be Happy with It!

happiness is genuine gift in life

Hakuna Matata! It means no worries for the rest of your days and be happy. Come on, guys! We sing and humming the songs once at least in our life, right?. It shows to us that how catchy the phrases was that very much familiar and close to our dear heart.

Thousands even million souls out there struggling to be happy. That’s come with 1001 recipes to get happy, the traits and tricks of happiness or even sessions with high payment just to pursuit the happiness. As for me, the ability to be happy is truly a genuine gift from God.

There are rich people, with everything complete and luxury. But, some of them are not happy and even feel worries about all the time. There are homeless people, sleep only under the bridge of expressway and eat maybe once a day. But, alhamdulillah he sleeps tightly with no worries. There are also mothers with a life full of anxieties and nonstop house chores 24/7, but they keep smiling and happy.

Dear friends, life is full of surprises and unpredictable. Once, a wise man said, “identify your sources of joy, satisfaction, and engagement, and beware of what brings you guilt, anger, and boredom”. At glance, it reflects us, only by clarifying ourselves and knowing our limitations, it the getaway to claim your happiness.

At AsiaCamp, we provide you the cures through assist you in connecting your mind and body to claim its calamity and peace. We believe that tranquility of the heart will sooner give reflection to the outer character. Still, don’t get it?


Here are a few methods for bringing your own happiness quotient.

  • Try something new: Learning new thing and challenge yourselves tend to make you happier than others who stuck in their routines. The key is the more you’re learning, the happier you’ll be.
Try something new out of your routine inject happiness in yourselves

Try something new out of your routine inject happiness in yourselves


  • Channel your inner 5-years-old: Just take time and be like a kid again. Take a ride, laugh out loud, dancing and singing, playing with the grass and mud until you got dirty. Stop worrying and just enjoy the fun, seize the moment and be a child again.


  • Give-join-claim your space: Have you heard the more you give, the more you will get back? Giving your time for others, inspiring and nurturing others.


Gembira dan Bahagia Membantu Pengurusan Stress Individu

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