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AsiaCamp Top Team Building and Development Consultant in Kuala Lumpur

Welcome to AsiaCamp. Our consulting services are specifically designed to bond your team and improve their team performance and morale. We providing a dynamic way of training solutions and specializes in the development of high-quality module and cost-effective training solutions. We are a market and technology-driven consultant. Our core competence is focused on training provider and offers unmatched services to our clients. Our team of professionals is dedicated in providing information and training solutions adapted to global clients.

We have assisted thousands of individuals and organizational staff to develop their leadership, interpersonal, problem solving and communication skills together with aligning our personal values towards their organizational goals. Our unique methodology has also been applied to sales, cost reductions, organizational integration and etc.

AsiaCamp diverse consulting services are ready to assist companies and organization in enhancing their performance that includes top-level consultation, remote R&D and comprehensive customer support. We provide a range of advanced training solutions, services, and products.


Here are some of the ways our Consulting Services can help you:

  • Location of training
  • Module development
  • In-house training
  • Recreational based training
  • Technology-based training

Why Us?

In AsiaCamp consulting services team, we are a dedicated group of a professional module which can help you to integrate our solutions into your organization as quickly and easily as possible. The arena of teambuilding is constantly evolving, Asia Camp constantly develops new and exciting modules and activities to engage our participants to meet their desired seeking outcomes. Following are our unique programs:

  • Training Need Analysis.
  • Mind setting & Programming.
  • Team Building program.
  • Marketing system & spreading promotion/data technique.
  • Knowledge skills assessment
  • Train the trainer
  • Community services development
  • Conflict & stress management


We also have wide selection programs, from recreational modules such as water floating, water rafting, river crossing, jungle trekking and explore race to outdoor modules like initiative games, archery, obstacle race, craft camping, orienteering and abseiling.

These are merely some sample programs that we can work with you with. Our unique team building proposal and team development programs able to cater for all groups and sizes from just 15 pax up to 1000 pax.

Depending on the outcomes that you need, we will tailor the program to best meet your outcomes.

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Please do not hesitate to contact our staff for a quotation and booking!