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Sungai Keniam

The Privilege of Fishing Activities on the Sungai Keniam

Sungai Keniam

According to the fishermen who used to fish on the Sungai Keniam, (Keniam River), if you can catch the Ikan Kelah, or any other species of Kelah Merah, then you are a great angler!

Eh? Why is that so?

This is because the Ikan Kelah is very sensitive to the surrounding area or can be said to be so smart that even your shadow can be detected and will not be approached by this fish. It’s not easy for you to ‘seduce’ this fish to eat your bait as there are a lot of taboos you need to follow. The bait that you need to use is not just a regular bait. The anglers are usually using bait from palm oil.

Therefore, every fisherman must be willing to challenge himself to go to this Keniam River to fulfill his desire to catch this high-value Ikan Kelah that which also protected by the Pahang National Park. Therefore, if you want to fish here, you need to get two types of licenses: National Park Entrance License and Fishing License.

In the Keniam River there are other fish species such as Patin, Baung, Toman, Tapah, Krai, Kalalan, Lampam, Gohok and many more. One of the tips shared by the anglers who have been here is to find the area with the monitor lizards. It is because, according to the laws of nature, the monitor lizards are predators who will find their prey (fish). The larger the monitor lizard’s size, the brighter the chance for you to get the number of shots you can expect.

Along the Keniam River, there are many popular pits such as Petai, Rawa, Panjang, Lata Said, Perkai, Rincing, Batu Terubung, and other small pits.

The ferry ride to the Keniam River via the fast-flowing Tembeling River’s stream will take about 2 hours by boat.

In addition, Kuala Perkai is also a popular destination for campers and can be reached via road if you are keen to cross the jungle about 28km from Kuala Tahan. You have the choice of whether to set up your own tent or stay overnight at the Kuala Perkai Fishing Lodge.

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