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Abseiling which means to ‘rope down’ in German. Abseiling is an exciting adventure activity that we run in combination with rock climbing and a wall. Abseiling is the technique used to descend a cliff-face. First we climb to the top and then we setup and run through all the safety equipment. You’re in control the whole time and always attached to a safety rope until you reach the bottom. Everything is extremely safe.

To abseil the first thing you need is rope secured at the top of where you want to abseil down and check that the area below is clear. That rope is then run through friction device which is attached to a harness around your waist.

The next bit is the hardest bit, you have to lean out backwards over the drop and slowly begin to lower yourself down, using one hand to slow down and the other to hold on to the rope above you.

As you move carefully downwards, the friction device slows the rope a bit making it easier to control your descent but basically you are under your own power, abseiling at a speed that you feel comfortable with.




What Equipment Do I Need to Abseil?


  1. Rope

The most important piece of equipment for any abseil is a rope.


  1. Harness

To hold your weight on the rope while you abseil you’re going to need a simple, all around versions. A harness should fit snugly around your body without any big gaps between you and the harness and without cutting into your first fitting.


  1. Helmet

There are three main types of climbing helmet, hard shells, hybrid and superlight helmets.


  1. Carabiners

Carabiners are the metal clips that you see all over the place in climbing.

They’re used to attach things together, kit to your bag, protect your harness and your rope into protection.


  1. Glove

To protect your hands from injured.

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Mizan Armia

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Muhammad Anas Mustaffa


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