The Risk Analysis and Management System

The Risk Analysis and Management System(The RAMS)

The Risk Analysis and Management System (RAMS) was developed by Grant Davidson in 1987. This system is a useful method to ensure that nothing important is missed out in risk management. It help you in organizing your thought into important part before an activity and be a guideline and staff training requirement for several people that planning the same activity. RAMS helps people to identify common clear objectives and strategies as well as sort out individual responsibilities.

In addition, RAMS also gives an effectives evaluation tool for an activity by identifying the key areas that need improvements with appropriate way to achieve them.

People, Equipment and Environment.

            There are several priority areas in RAMS which is People, Equipment and Environment. The priority areas then divided into stages ;

  • Risk Identification
  • List of potential risk and causal factor in each area.
  • Risk Management
  • Strategies in managing the risk
  • Coping with Emergencies
  • Back-up that are necessary to overcome risk.

How To Use The RAMS

  1. Identifying the risk you are hoping to avoid
    • This stage, we need to explore firs by doing site visit to the place of activity. We need to used avatar for this process. Avatar means, you need to act and thinks like a participants and consider this event:
      • What will happen to ourself if we reach all angle of the place?
      • What will happen to ourself during each time of activity?
  2. For each risk identified, list the causal factors which could lead up to it under the headings
    • (People, Equipment and Environment).
      • Kindly refer all the three factor to our article. We has elaborate this.
  3. Work out strategies which will reduce the risk to an acceptable level.
  4. Create a plan for coping with identifies risk.

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