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Ways to be More Satisfied At Work

We understood that interactions with colleagues from different backgrounds, interests, and perception might impact the ways you look up and communicate with people. However, in order to be satisfied at work, it’s not a hard task to achieve. At AsiaCamp, our previous corporate clients have focused on upgrading their employability skills in order to be more satisfied at work. Here are a few steps to look into this matter;

Be specific but not bad talking – is bad about others truly feel good and superior? Living in today era, any wrong steps and bad decisions are easy to get viral. People are very open-minded but some also have no shame in bashing others with bad words in public. This has a tendency to give bad reputation to an individual, company’s images or services. So, a clear-cut of your complaints and uncertainties of things at work, simply just walk away or move on reducing more complicated conflicts and stress.

Talk to your boss – According to the latest research by CFO, the reasons why people keep quit from their bosses were due to lack of employee recognition and poor management performance. To add more, many of us feel ok to be silenced and reluctant to wide-open talk to employers. This caused high numbers of 70% of employees felt disengaged in the working environment while only 30% are engaged in work. Thus, it is crucial to share constructive comments about your working environment, be opened, and let the boss fully alert and aware of it.

Stay cool and roll with it – when a boss or coworker shares their feedback on your work, be a pro, accept it and take it as a constructive comment, not criticism. If you think the critique is out off base, it is crucial to ask for detailed assessment before you defensively react with overwhelmed responses.

The culture of constructive discussion should be implemented to encourage a competitive working environment

The culture of constructive discussion should be implemented to encourage a competitive working environment


Dear friends, to get a job nowadays is not easy. To be satisfied at work can be twisted in the ways you see and perceive things.


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