Taman Negara

Taman Negara

Firstly, an attractive place in Pahang that you should know and is quite popular for those who want to be adventurous in the jungle and are in a jungle atmosphere that still remains the authenticity.

There are many chalets and accommodation options that offer exciting outdoor activities such as Hiking Mount Tahan, Canopy Walk, Rapid Shooting, and so on. For those who want to organize events such as family day, team building & motivational camp, this National Park destination in Pahang should consider visiting.

Once a day away from the City area with your family & friends you’re a bit of an exciting experience for you. Besides mengeratkan silaturahim, you also can appreciate the natural beauty of the flora of fauna here & learn about the importance of maintaining this natural environment for ecosystem balance in our country. Not too extravagant to keep in mind, this National Park in Pahang is the most exciting destination in Peninsular Malaysia for you to get closer to our nature & treasures.

Oldest Tropical Rainforest

Explore the oldest tropical rainforest in the world on a full-day tour from Kuala Lumpur to Taman Negara National Park. You’ll trek to a canopy walkway through the treetops, get views across the jungle from Teresek Hill, then cruise the Tahan River to a waterfall and swimming hole. Group size is limited to 6 people to ensure personal service as you explore the Malaysian.

Nature’s ambience for those who want to experience what it is like walking in the jungle. The height reach 45m above ground. Reach the canopy walk by walking 2km from the park centre and return home by long boats. Very nice experience. See and feel the real different experience.

Walk on the world’s longest canopy walkway, 530 m long and 40 m above the ground level. This is a must do activity in Taman Negara and one of the most memorable memories for you to bring home. Enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of flora and fauna along the walkway.

Canopy Walkway

The canopy walkway was initially built for research purposes, turned out to be, main attractions for local and international tourists to Taman Negara. The Wildlife Department supervise on safety aspect and manage the daily operation. The canopy walkway is about 1.2 km from Wildlife HQ and can be reached by boat or trekking.

Additional information:

  • Just pay rm5 per person, and if you bring camera pay another rm5.


Mount Tahan

Mount Tahan, at 2,187 m, is the highest point in Peninsular Malaysia. It is located within the Taman Negara national forest, in the state of Pahang. The mountain is part of the Tahan Range in the Tenasserim Hills and is popular with local climbers.

  1. Elevation: 2,187 m
  2. Prominence: 2,140 m
  3. Location: Taman Negara National Park, Pahang, Malaysia
  4. Mountain range: Tahan Range
  5. Did you know: Mount Tahan is the sixth-highest mountain in Malaysia (2,187 m)

Let’s conquer the highest peak in Peninsular Malaysia, Gunung Tahan . If you are courage enough to ascend and descend mountains, cross over rivers, long distance trek and camp for days. It just might be the best experience you’ll ever make. Gunung Tahan, located in Taman Negara is one of the most challenging mountains to climb. It’s about 53km from Kampung Kuala Tahan, Jerantut or 32km Kuala Juram, Merapoh. The trek requires you to be mentally and physically fit. Medical check up and sufficient trainings prior to the trekking are important to accomplish your expedition plan. Be prepared and enjoy your thrilling nature journey!

There are 3 popular trails/route for you to reach the summit. They are: –

  1. Sungai Relau – Gunung Tahan – Sungai Relau
  2. Sungai Relau – Gunung Tahan – Kuala Tahan
  3. Kuala Tahan – Gunung Tahan – Sungai Relau

Rapid Shooting

Rapid shooting is one of the best activities in Taman Negara. In a wooden boat, you are going to ride through seven (7) rapids along Sungai Tembeling. This full of excitement and fun activity starts from Kuala Tahan jetty to Kuala Terenggan vice versa.

Additional information: –

  1. Follow the boatman and/or your nature guide instructions for this rapid shooting trip.
  2. Required to wear Life Jackets for your own safety!
  3. Its advisable not to bring any devices such as iPods, mobile phones, cameras, etc. If you do bring such devices, please put them in a waterproof bag or covering.
  4. Do not wear any valuable items which can drop out easily such as bracelets.

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By Marsya Aina