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Give Me A Hug

Have you read an inspirational book written by Nick Vujicic entitled ‘Give Me A Hug’? It is indeed a beautiful content written by handicapped author who was daring enough to challenge the world’s expectation with his physical limitations.

The main content that discussed by the author catered about the power of love and self-motivation that sparkles and inspires others. The author showed a genuine exemplary of self-esteem towards himself have become his powerful weapon to win over the world. Indeed, his lessons become the forces that move the entire school teenagers to be a better person in the future.

These are the lessons we can learn from Nick’s stories in Give Me A Hug;

  1. The will to give and receive love from others
  2. The will to never give up
  3. Happiness is a choice!
  4. Reclaim your life
  5. Become someone that means to others

The gist of the essence on ‘give me a hug‘ shows compelling meanings to us that by empowering a human sixth sense of feelings and inner self have brought human to unstoppable actions. Strengthening and reflecting the motivation and the focus in life has always become the key success in almost everything we want to achieve in life. Eliminating those uncertainties, assumptions and negativity have wide open for victories to conquer the world and go beyond the imagination.

Hugging others are one source of treatment and reflection to inner-self

Hugging others are one source of treatment and reflection to inner-self

Reflecting this truly is our focus and pillar in AsiaCamp.

Why we hassle ourselves to think of youngsters’ problems and anxieties?

Why we struggle to fight ignorance and selfishness in oneself?

Why we bother other’s achievements and performances?

Why we must sacrifice our comfort in order to soothing others?

Why we eager to educate others to become tolerate and caring to others?


Yes, because we believe by giving more, it helps the world to become a nicer and pleasant place to live in. By giving more, it reflects and will truly be coming back to us. Lastly, by giving more to our people, it helps in building a better nation.


“A hug is like a boomerang, you get it back right away” – Bil Keane