Inspiring youth leadership skills through fun and challenges activities

Youth Leadership Camp Malaysia | AsiaCamp

Our youth leadership camp consisting of 3 days and 2 nights program that allows the young people under the age of 18 to discover their potential and acquire the leadership skills through practical engagements.


At AsiaCamp, we believe that each student is unique in their own and have blended abilities in perceiving knowledge as well as skills at different pace and speed. The most important is on how to maneuver their confidence and motivation to make things happen and to bring the changes.


With our designated youth leadership camp modules, we engrave the leadership skill through series of small group facilitation skills (Latihan Dalam Kumpulan), interactive games and fun-challenges activities to inspire each and every student of their unique abilities, develop their self-respect and regulation, and mastering strategies for excellency achievement in the classroom and in future life.


Inspiring with the national agenda on TVETs, we believe through fun and challenges activities, games and orientation, the module offers progressive lifetime learning to move ahead. The activities involve;

  • Team-building and small group facilitation skills¬†(LDK)
  • Self-regulation and personal motivation
  • Self-expression and communication
  • Goal-setting and personal leadership skills
  • Social responsibility


We have more than 20 activities in youth leadership camp such as; explore race, obstacle race, initiative & fun games, night walk, amazing race, water floating, water confidence, survival cooking, jungle trecking, campfire, cultural night and many others to explore.


Our goal is simple – the biggest challenge is to take the first step. If the students dare to seize the negativity, the door of wisdom are wide open for them to explore. Lets us assist both students and educators in eliminating school stress that based on examination orientation, while simultaneously showing the students ways to express themselves, pursue their dreams, solve problems, resolve conflicts and develop the ideas of positivity and uplift change in life.

Contact us to get quotation for our youth leadership camp

Contact us to get a quotation for our youth leadership camp


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