1. Sleep

Make sure you’re catching those Zs. For high school students, 8 hours of sleep or more will allow you to excel in the classroom and stay alert while you study. Younger students may need 9-10 hours per night.

  1. Eat brain food

Brain food comes in all shapes and sizes, from fruits and veggies to nuts and seeds. Avoid fatty and sugary snacks. Try broccoli for vitamin K and pumpkin seeds for zinc. Focus on getting a variety of vitamins every day.

  1. Get active

Exercise every day. Regular physical activity boosts mental alertnesslevels required to study effectively. An active body is part of a healthy mind.

  1. Read the news

Keep up with current events and gain the knowledge you need to apply what you learn in class to real life. Reading non-assigned material is also a great way to discover what truly interests you.

  1. Enjoy your time away from school work

Whaen you’re not in the classroom or studying, make sure you enjoy yourself. Get outside, connect with friends, and have fun. Enjoying life reduces school-induced stress.

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