1. Drinking warm water every morning after waking up is the easiest, but most effective safest way of preservation. Below is a ‘addition’ to the practice of drinking warm water that we must practice every morning to look ageless throughout the ages. Who does not, right!

2. Make a face massage by placing the index finger of both hands on the chin. Then turn your finger to the cheek, take it to the nose and then to the forehead. This sequence needs to be followed by drinking warm water afterwards. You can drink warm water before breakfast.

3. Always be cheerful and smile always. If you are stressed out, you will be faster and faster. If you always smile the mouth muscles will always be active and the face will always be cheerful and radiant. Do this daily practice to get the results.

4. Practice eating dishes. For your knowledge, most of the village community practices many diets. The purpose is because each of the meals we eat there is some benefits and benefits that can bring good to you.

For example, when you eat dessert, it can reduce the risk of diabetes. Why you need to take the medication for diabetes while you can reduce it by eating only salads.

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