Insomnia is a condition when a person has difficulty sleeping or can’t sleep long enough for the body’s required time. There are several factors that cause these insomnia.


Lifestyle can cause insomnia. An irregular sleep occurs. Fluctuating sleep times cause uncomfortable sleep cycles. Additionally, eating large quantities makes one difficult to sleep. Stomach is too full can make the body uncomfortable to relax.

Psychological problems

Psychological problems are also a major factor in the problem of insomnia. Many people who sleep become disturbed by stress. Examples of stress can vary in schools, workplaces, financial problems, families and depression due to the loss of loved ones. Concerns also cause insomnia. People who are worried will be difficult to start sleeping.


Some types of medicines sold in pharmacies have side effects that can cause side effects. Examples of these drugs are steroid medicines, allergic drugs, epilepsy medicines and some other medicines.

Physical health problems

Physical health problems cause signs that make us difficult to sleep. Among these signs are respiratory disorders such as asthma and lung disease. Other sleep disorders like sleep walking and snoring.

Environmental factor

Uncomfortable sleep environment, illuminated lights and noise also cause insomnia symptoms.



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