Setting Trust Fall Challenge

Trust fall is one of the exciting games used in many team building activity and module. A trust fall challenge is more about team-building exercise in which a person deliberately allow themselves to fall, trusting their team members or a group to catch them. The element involves here are trust, respect and confidence put in each member and oneself.

However, there are many variants of the trust fall challenge. Some might involve low-risk injuries while others lead to potentially more dangerous and injuries. In AsiaCamp, there are two types of trust fall challenge that normally practiced for the participants.

1) Trust fall indoors activity (1 to many)

This activity acquired the group member stands in a circle, with one person in the middle with arms folded to the chest and falls in various directions. The group will catch their falling friend using hands or using wide fabric sheath.

Trust fall activity where the group catched their friend using wide fabric sheath

Trust fall activity where the group catches their friend using wide fabric sheath


2) Outdoor Water Trust Fall Challenge (pair to water)

The trust fall activity here incorporates several other components of team building and water confident. The main objective of this module is to build confidence in water confident activities. The module involves participants need to dive into the water and each of them is paired with a partner. The partner or pair component is very important in building self-confidence into water confident activity. The presence of a partner brings the sense of togetherness, companionship, and trust.

Trust fall activity that paired by partner into the water

Trust fall activity that paired by partner into the water

At glance, trust and self-confidence are important because it influences the individual choices and decisions in life. These two elements provide motivation and self-regulation for an individual as it becomes an indicator to explore the potentials and to move forward in life.


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