The early season of the year is a lot of people who want to travel there and never with family or friends. Must be a long list of interesting places you will visit while on vacation, especially during winter! Let’s take a moment to review some of these destinations.

The city of Berlin, Germany is often a tourist destination even more during winter because of its lively atmosphere with lights flashing all the way. There are also side-by-side shops for you to ‘wash your eyes’ while-washing their wallets and lots of activities to do, including walking around Berlin.

Enjoying a Christmas holiday is more meaningful if you can see the beautiful scenery with the vibrations of the lights. In 2009, there was a Winter Festival and Ice Rink event there.

In Scotland, Britain can entertain the lights of the lights while playing ice skating at Princess Street Garden. Many tourists like to go there to celebrate Christmas Day with their family or friends to experience the excitement there.

Additionally, if you want to skate for free while traveling to Canada, you can go to the capital of Ottawa. There, there is one of the world’s largest natural ice skating rinks around the frozen Terussan Rideau and you just have to bring ice skates and gloves only!

If Washington D.C. often known as a rather urban city because it has a White House and Lincoln Memorial buildings, it also has an interesting attraction! For example during the winter, Washington Ballet will feature The Nutcracker to perform at the US capital. But keep in mind that there is a shorter daylight compared to the night, so the operation time there is very short. The most memorable memories when traveling in the winter would have been more meaningful if you could feel the snow playing moment!

For skiing enthusiasts, you can visit Nagano and Niigata, Japan to enjoy the gliding experience of many tourists. At the same time, if you want to taste the snowy season in an area not crowded with developmental noise, you can go to Reykjavik in Iceland which is the largest city in the island nation.

Based on the experience of tourists who have gone there, they prefer to walk in the city because they want to know more about the area. However, there are many more interesting locations to visit during the winter months! Most tourists will choose to travel abroad at the end of the year to experience their own snow-cycling experiences in winter.

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