Introvert or Introversion is a human personality that is more closely related to the world in the human mind itself. So humans who have this introvert nature are more likely to close themselves out of outdoor life. They are people who think more and talk about important things. They are also people who are more likely to be in silence or calm conditions than in too many places. Among the features are:

1. Do not like to talk empty / talk about trivial things.

Introverts people like to think. So, they will only talk about things like theory, idea, life. In short, things that can stimulate the minds of people to keep thinking to the wormhole. However, if someone is forced to engage in a trivial conversation, they will be good listeners and they will not be involved with the conversation if they do not.

2. Not anti-social but a selective person.

Introverts tend to socialize only with good friends and family members. They will recognize someone in depth before making the person their best friend.

3. Likes to watch

They like to observe something, a place / place, a situation and someone carefully. After that someone will start to stimulate the brain to think about his observation. Think, it’s your own responsibility.

4. Will think a lot before talking.

The introverts are very careful when speaking. They will think ahead of the conversation to be spoken. If they need to be involved with the dispute, they will try their best to win but eventually they will also give up the cause of disagreement.

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