In Kuala Lumpur, everything needs money to survive. However, can you face the challenges ahead?

The cost of living there is quite high compared to living in rural areas. From dining expenses to transportation to work, everything is expensive and sometimes irrelevant. Perhaps this plan can help you deal with stress so as to keep yourself comfortable.

Separate spending on need and desire  

Record your daily spending list. Differentiate between wants and needs. Examples of necessities are eating expenses, water and electricity bills, home rentals and others. Requirements are like monthly subscription to television shows, clothes and others. Be sure to save if there is excess money.


Use money according to earned you get. Do not influenced with friend. Maybe they do not have dependent when you have a sisters who still in school.

Price comparison

All kitchenware and raw prices are rising. Take your time to identify items that make lower priced bids.

Save money

It’s not a waste to spend time with friends in the cafe, but avoid being so daily routine as it can make you suffer later.

Don’t forget save

After earning money, payroll is used to pay your own bills and expenses without forgetting to save. It is important to keep money at any time knowing that the money can be used during an emergency.




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