making decision always a big step for individual to move forward

Make A Tough Decision

Too often, in life, we are dealing with many situations that enforced us in making decision to move forward. The simplest example comes as easy as eating using hands or with spoon and fork. The biggest one is variants in many angles and degree of hardships and difficulties.

Based on our experience with previous clients at AsiaCamp, we noted that our society facing hardship in making decision. There were students confused in choosing the mainstream (science or iktisas) for his or her next path. There also corporate members who failed to deliver the best solutions for their company. In the meantime, we were facing with youngsters who worry about life selection and skill enhancement. Nonetheless, a group of educators pretty much insecure with their teaching styles and goal direction for their future career.

We believe that making decision and solutions as not that easy but yet it’s not that hard. When you know what to do and how to do it, the hard choices seem almost clear-cut.

The most important of course the balance connection of mind and body. We in AsiaCamp believe that in this world everything can be done and can be solved by using the same formula – peace mind and healthy body empower critical thinking and creative ideas.

Have you heard the story of Forrest Gump in the movie? It’s a blockbuster movie for people in 1990s. Forrest Gump confused and lost on what to do in life. He went running for days and weeks until he consciously found a way to undo his mistakes and inspire new ideas. Again, the formula is getting back to the connection of mind and body to direct the focus and critical thinking.

Do you still confuse? This is the steps of a basic decision-making model:

  1. Define the situation and be clear of your goals and desire
  2. Generate a list of alternatives
  3. Gather information
  4. Make a selection
  5. Take action

We wish you the best and join us for mind-blowing strategies and inspiration.

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Team-building activity that strengthens of 3 core elements

Corporate Team Building Activity | AsiaCamp Kuala Kubu Bharu

We believe that each client is unique with different needs and reinforce strategies. We believe that the change needs to come from the inside to boost the outside performance of each member of the organization. Given our clients, the proper tools and designated training solutions based on their needs will subsequently help the team members to grow. Therefore, our goals at AsiaCamp Training Centre are to design, develop and implement our experiential learning modules in the area of leadership, corporate team building, strategic knowledge and youth development to empowers each of society member to move way forward.


Our focuses on corporate team building are;


  1. To break down barriers in communication – out team building events will reinforce the value of having fun in the workplace and to revise the significant results that can be achieved when the fun is well-monitored and expressed. It also emphasizes on how to utilize both verbal and non-verbal forms of communication to the right time, right place and with the right people.
  2. To ponder and learn more about yourselves – we also believe it’s crucial to know and love yourselves before you embark into a vast journey with others with more complexities in nature. Only by understanding and learning about inner-self strengths and weaknesses, it helps the management and organization team to identify and utilize the strength to uphold with the company projection for the future plans.
  3. To teach people on how to work together more effectively – the collaborative nature on our team building module progressively teaches people to perform greater decision-making and allow each staff to see that everyone has a different set of skills and approaches to a problem.


corporate team building needs strengths of each of the member

Corporate team building needs the strengths of each of the member

“If you want to go fast, GO ALONE, but if you want to go far, GO TOGETHER” – African Proverb


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Choose Positivity

Dealing with everyday routines and life tribulations is not an easy task. Life is hard as the real struggle is to make the commitment to oneself and its surrounding environment. People keep reminding, ‘just forget all and be happy’. Some might advice, ‘let’s grateful and reflect!’ These are all positive thoughts that encourage us to have patience in life.

Yes, I choose positivity. I choose to focus on what is great in my life. I choose to boost oneself, my team and my family. Indeed, the mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change.

However, in the reality how many of us are actually have positive thoughts?

When you face real hardship, how many of us have surrendered and given up?

During the dark age of the national economic crisis, how many souls have fallen and gone astray?

While the sweetest thing in our life; our family unit rumbles and destroys, how many of us are still be grateful and keep smiling?

Yes, life is not easy.

Positivity reset the mind setting as to harvest happiness in life

Positivity reset the mind set as to harvest happiness in life


But God has promised one thing for sure, “change yourself first before you change others”. The phrase also focuses on the importance of steadfast and be patience. Of course, the keyword here referred to the choice of positivity in life.

This is what we do at AsiaCamp. There are community members who are well known to the cure of life; the positivity. But, some others are alienated to this kind of treatment and support system. Therefore, we help to uplift their spiritual needs and motivation through specific modules and training. We believe by changing the ways we perceived the problems, it aids in enhancing life satisfaction in various possible ways. Above all, it creates better health, increases creativity and happiness, relieves mental stress and develops resilience in life.

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Setting Trust Fall Challenge

Trust fall is one of the exciting games used in many team building activity and module. A trust fall challenge is more about team-building exercise in which a person deliberately allow themselves to fall, trusting their team members or a group to catch them. The element involves here are trust, respect and confidence put in each member and oneself.

However, there are many variants of the trust fall challenge. Some might involve low-risk injuries while others lead to potentially more dangerous and injuries. In AsiaCamp, there are two types of trust fall challenge that normally practiced for the participants.

1) Trust fall indoors activity (1 to many)

This activity acquired the group member stands in a circle, with one person in the middle with arms folded to the chest and falls in various directions. The group will catch their falling friend using hands or using wide fabric sheath.

Trust fall activity where the group catched their friend using wide fabric sheath

Trust fall activity where the group catches their friend using wide fabric sheath


2) Outdoor Water Trust Fall Challenge (pair to water)

The trust fall activity here incorporates several other components of team building and water confident. The main objective of this module is to build confidence in water confident activities. The module involves participants need to dive into the water and each of them is paired with a partner. The partner or pair component is very important in building self-confidence into water confident activity. The presence of a partner brings the sense of togetherness, companionship, and trust.

Trust fall activity that paired by partner into the water

Trust fall activity that paired by partner into the water

At glance, trust and self-confidence are important because it influences the individual choices and decisions in life. These two elements provide motivation and self-regulation for an individual as it becomes an indicator to explore the potentials and to move forward in life.


Trust fall yang Mendebarkan

A good leader earned respect and trust from his subordinate

Rights, Respect and Responsibility: Key to a Successful Programme

We always aim for a successful programme that achieved specific goal and objectives. However, the ingredients of beautiful success are made from variant factors and parameters. In the land of motivational training, the indicators that measured the degree of success in programme and events are defined by attitudes and efficiency.


As for me, the key to a successful programme is related to three component of i) rights, ii) respect, and iii) responsibility. These three components reflect the tenets of social learning from one individual to others.


I was once a camp commander to a group of 300 students who were SPM leavers at that time. They were required to stay at the camp that took about 2 months duration and involved almost 20 modules. It is indeed a hectic and packed camp. Of course, you can imagine the anxieties of both facilitators and students at that camp.


However, thorough excellent approaches and teamwork from facilitators, we managed to build a beautiful relationship with the students and raised trust and support from the parents.


Therefore, I truly believed that a successful programme is followed by all parties that know their rights, perform their best of responsibility and respect for each other. Without respect for each other, the facilitators cannot move the crowd to be cooperative. Without responsibility, the entire programme will be in chaos. Lastly, without knowing their rights, one party will have the tendency to be bullied by the other parties. It is fair and square.


Do you seek for excellency in your future programme and training? This is the checklist you need to bear in mind;

  1. Understand your purpose and objectives
  2. Understand the value of your presence
  3. Build trust and respect
  4. Speak up and be interactive
  5. Build relationships & friendship
  6. Try to be transparent
  7. Know ways to add value
  8. Have confidence in your crowd

Kem Pelajar Kelantan (Siri 3)

happiness is genuine gift in life

Life: Be Happy with It!

Hakuna Matata! It means no worries for the rest of your days and be happy. Come on, guys! We sing and humming the songs once at least in our life, right?. It shows to us that how catchy the phrases was that very much familiar and close to our dear heart.

Thousands even million souls out there struggling to be happy. That’s come with 1001 recipes to get happy, the traits and tricks of happiness or even sessions with high payment just to pursuit the happiness. As for me, the ability to be happy is truly a genuine gift from God.

There are rich people, with everything complete and luxury. But, some of them are not happy and even feel worries about all the time. There are homeless people, sleep only under the bridge of expressway and eat maybe once a day. But, alhamdulillah he sleeps tightly with no worries. There are also mothers with a life full of anxieties and nonstop house chores 24/7, but they keep smiling and happy.

Dear friends, life is full of surprises and unpredictable. Once, a wise man said, “identify your sources of joy, satisfaction, and engagement, and beware of what brings you guilt, anger, and boredom”. At glance, it reflects us, only by clarifying ourselves and knowing our limitations, it the getaway to claim your happiness.

At AsiaCamp, we provide you the cures through assist you in connecting your mind and body to claim its calamity and peace. We believe that tranquility of the heart will sooner give reflection to the outer character. Still, don’t get it?


Here are a few methods for bringing your own happiness quotient.

  • Try something new: Learning new thing and challenge yourselves tend to make you happier than others who stuck in their routines. The key is the more you’re learning, the happier you’ll be.
Try something new out of your routine inject happiness in yourselves

Try something new out of your routine inject happiness in yourselves


  • Channel your inner 5-years-old: Just take time and be like a kid again. Take a ride, laugh out loud, dancing and singing, playing with the grass and mud until you got dirty. Stop worrying and just enjoy the fun, seize the moment and be a child again.


  • Give-join-claim your space: Have you heard the more you give, the more you will get back? Giving your time for others, inspiring and nurturing others.


Gembira dan Bahagia Membantu Pengurusan Stress Individu

inspiring and empowering others not one man job

Give Me A Hug

Have you read an inspirational book written by Nick Vujicic entitled ‘Give Me A Hug’? It is indeed a beautiful content written by handicapped author who was daring enough to challenge the world’s expectation with his physical limitations.

The main content that discussed by the author catered about the power of love and self-motivation that sparkles and inspires others. The author showed a genuine exemplary of self-esteem towards himself have become his powerful weapon to win over the world. Indeed, his lessons become the forces that move the entire school teenagers to be a better person in the future.

These are the lessons we can learn from Nick’s stories in Give Me A Hug;

  1. The will to give and receive love from others
  2. The will to never give up
  3. Happiness is a choice!
  4. Reclaim your life
  5. Become someone that means to others

The gist of the essence on ‘give me a hug‘ shows compelling meanings to us that by empowering a human sixth sense of feelings and inner self have brought human to unstoppable actions. Strengthening and reflecting the motivation and the focus in life has always become the key success in almost everything we want to achieve in life. Eliminating those uncertainties, assumptions and negativity have wide open for victories to conquer the world and go beyond the imagination.

Hugging others are one source of treatment and reflection to inner-self

Hugging others are one source of treatment and reflection to inner-self

Reflecting this truly is our focus and pillar in AsiaCamp.

Why we hassle ourselves to think of youngsters’ problems and anxieties?

Why we struggle to fight ignorance and selfishness in oneself?

Why we bother other’s achievements and performances?

Why we must sacrifice our comfort in order to soothing others?

Why we eager to educate others to become tolerate and caring to others?


Yes, because we believe by giving more, it helps the world to become a nicer and pleasant place to live in. By giving more, it reflects and will truly be coming back to us. Lastly, by giving more to our people, it helps in building a better nation.


“A hug is like a boomerang, you get it back right away” – Bil Keane

takut akan ketinggina juga meruapakan salah satu ketakutan dalam hidup

Mengatasi Ketakutan Dalam Hidup

Takut merupakan musuh senyap kepada diri. Rasa takut adalah suatu perasaan yang diciptakan Tuhan untuk melindungi manusia kerana adanya ancaman, musibah atau bencana dari luar yang akan menyebabkan mudarat kepada diri. Ketakutan dalam hidup yang utama itu haruslah dikembalikan kepada Tuhan kerana Dialah yang merupakan Sang Pencipta dan Pemilik kepada seluruh kehidupan manusia.


Namun demikian, dengan alpanya manusia, kini ketakutan itu telah berubah bentuk dan menghinggap jauh sehingga menjadi barah di dalam seluruh kehidupan manusia. Akhirnya, ketakutan ini menjadi tentangan terbesar kita yang merayap dari faktor-faktor yang tidak diketahui dan secara membabi-buta.


Ketakutan dalam hidup ini mampu hadir dalam pelbagai bentuk dan wajah, yang kebanyakannya melibatkan prestasi dan reputasi diri. Seringkali ketakutan ini terdengarnya logik, namun kadangkala ia berubah menjadi tidak logik jika ditakuti secara berlebihan.


Apakah ketakutan dalam hidup yang digeruni oleh kita?

  • Apakah saya akan gagal dalam hidup? …kerana musnahnya keputusan yang bagus? Hilangnya pekerjaan? Punahnya bisnes diri?
  • Bagaimana mungkin hidup di masa depan dengan tabungan yang sedikit? Tiada tabungan? Hutang-piutang yang berlonggok di keliling pinggang?
  • Mungkinkah juga takut akan sakit yang ada di dalam diri? Sakit kanser yang menghadir? Mungkin menjadi lumpuh, pekak atau buta.
  • Sesetengah yang lain takut tiadanya kebahagiaan diri. Diri yang tidak berkahwin, tiada anak, tiada yang menyayangi akan dilupakan orang. Tiada yang akan menemani hidup.
  • Ada yang lebih menjurus kepada prestasi diri seperti takut berucap di khalayak ramai, takut memimpin, takut dimalukan dan diperli oleh yang lain.
takut akan ketinggina juga meruapakan salah satu ketakutan dalam hidup

Takut akan ketinggian juga merupakan salah satu ketakutan dalam hidup


Hakikatnya, ketakutan ini merupakan satu anugerah dari Tuhan. Ia perlu diacu dan disalurkan kepada laluan yang menjadi sumber kekuatan, inspirasi dan motivasi diri untuk terus bangun dan maju di dalam hidup. Oleh itu, ketakutan ini merupakan satu faktor yang perlu dihadapi dan dikuasai. Hanya dengan menguasai ketakutan yang ada di dalam diri, kita akan mampu menjadi lebih kuat, lebih bertenang, dan bersabar menghadapi kehidupan.


“There is no illusion greater than fear”. – Lao Tzu

4 Effective Leadership Games in 10 minutes

Nowadays, more and more people become aware of the essence of leadership and team building in the working environment. People from various background of educators, corporate members, individual groups and private agencies starting to ask for assistance modules to becoming a good leader in long shot.

We understood that the quality of leadership cannot be harvest in a short period. However, the process of upbringing the quality need to be implemented consistently that will reflect their influence and responsibility towards their assigned tasks and teams.

The following leadership games are collected from our previous activities that proven to benefit towards the path. These easy to apply leadership and team building activities can generate you into a better leader and harness the leadership qualities of your team members.

We can guarantee you, these leadership and team building activities acquired the least material and can be done within a short period of time. Yet, it is not far to boost your team with improving spirits of teamwork, facilitate better communication and increase team cohesion.

GAME 1: Leadership quality to move up the blue bottle

GAME 1: Leadership quality to move up the blue bottle

Your favorite Mr.Blue: This is a simple outdoor team building game where team members need to work together and support each other as they move the big blue bottle from the ground. The trick here, they need one voice of leader to coordinate and monitor the whole process.


GAME 2: Line of shoes

GAME 2: Line of shoes

Line of shoes: This activity helps in each member maintaining coherence relationships at the workplace that involved tolerance, trust, respect and encouragement from the team members. One mistake from a selfish member allows the task incomplete and break in line.


GAME 3: Leadership Coat of Arms

GAME 3: Leadership Coat of Arms

Leadership Coat of Arms: This activity acquired the team members to move the cup filled with 3/4 water to the given direction without spilled water on the paper and ground. It tests the abilities to coordinate and contribute ideas to make success.


GAME 4: Active Tunnel

GAME 4: Active Tunnel

Active Tunnel: This exercise provides a very practical framework for regular and effective feedback within teams. As a leader, you can help your team members get constructive feedback in a timely manner.


What are your favorite games for leadership development? Have you tried any of the activities above? Let us know about your experiences in the comments.


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Tempat Persinggahan Untuk Rekreasi Alam | AsiaCamp

Kita sedia maklum akan kaitan rekreasi dan pengaruhnya kepada minda dan jiwa seseorang individu. Aktiviti rekreasi alam seringkali mendatangkan kesihatan yang baik kepada tubuh badan manusia. Sekaligus, tubuh badan dan fizikal yang aktif ini mampu menghasilkan minda yang cerdas dan jiwa yang tenang kepada individu berkenaan.


Memahami keperluan inilah, kami di Asia Camp bersifat lebih terbuka dalam memberikan perkhidmatan kepada pelanggan. Kami tidak hanya menyasarkan para pelanggan kami kepada kumpulan-kumpulan pelajar, korporat mahupun individu yang memerlukan modul pembinaan diri dan kepimpinan semata-mata. Namun, kami juga turut menyediakan perkhidmatan rekreasi alam dengan pakej umum kepada kumpulan masyarakat yang berminat.


Melalui portfolio kami pada siri-siri yang lepas, terdapat juga kumpulan masyarakat yang hanya mahukan pakej rekreasi alam semata-mata. Kumpulan pelanggan seperti ini fokus utamanya adalah seperti berikut;


  • Mencari tempat persinggahan rekreasi yang best sebagai tempat berhibur
  • Mencabar diri dengan bersukan aktif dalam suasana alam di AsiaCamp
  • Sebagai satu pakej ‘escape plan’ dan tempat pelancongan untuk beriadah dan menenangkan diri bersama rakan-rakan ataupun seisi keluarga
Aktiviti rekreasi sebegini yang pastinya mewujudkan 'happiness' di jiwa dan meleraikan stress

Aktiviti rekreasi sebegini yang pastinya mewujudkan ‘happiness’ di jiwa dan meleraikan stress


Secara umumnya, inilah aktiviti-aktiviti yang boleh dilakukan bagi mereka yang ingin mendapatkan kelainan dengan pakej melancong sambil berekreasi di AsiaCamp di Kuala Kubu Bharu ini;

  • Sukan kayak di jeram sungai
  • Aktiviti membina rakit dan berakit
  • Jungle trekking dan kembara rimba
  • Sukan abseiling dan flying fox
  • Sukan memanah
  • Campfire dan Bonfire
  • Trustfall jumping
  • Camping & survival cooking
Sukan abseiling dan flying fox yang mengujakan turut tersedia

Sukan abseiling dan flying fox yang mengujakan turut tersedia

Sukan kayak di jeram sungai merupakan antara aktiviti rekreasi air yang diminati oleh pelanggan di AsiaCamp

Sukan kayak di jeram sungai merupakan antara aktiviti rekreasi air yang diminati oleh pelanggan di AsiaCamp


Sukan memanah yang menguji kekuatan tangan juga terdapat di sini

Sukan memanah yang menguji kekuatan tangan juga terdapat di sini


Oleh itu, bagi mereka yang mencari-cari tempat rekreasi yang best di sekitar Lembah Klang, bolehlah datang berkunjung dan mencuba sendiri aktiviti-aktiviti rekreasi yang disediakan di AsiaCamp di Kuala Kubu Bharu ini. Tapi, pastikan dulu anda membuat tempahan ya! Tempahan boleh dibuat di nombor yang tertera di bawah.

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