Every child has the right to live healthy and free from violence. Every year, at least 2,000 children in Malaysia are reported to be victims of abuse and neglect of children. Child abuse is a huge global problem. It has a serious impact on the mental health and physical growth of children.

  • Physical abuse recorded the highest case of 2,470 cases
  • 2,012 cases are sexual abuse
  • 170 emotional abuse.
  • 3,718 cases were recorded throughout 2012 to 2016.
  • 2,419 cases reported such as children’s disappearances unattended, left in the car, fell from the escalator, dropped off the building and let the children go out to the store to buy their own solitary items due to their parents negligence.
  • The stress at work also causes parents to give up their anger and pressure to their children.

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