Everybody wants a clean, smooth face, but less attention to body care. There are some tips you can do everyday.

Body scrub

Do two to three times a week skrub routine on the body. If you do not want to use the existing skrub, you can also create it yourself.

Take a shower at least twice

The body is always sweating due to the hot weather in Malaysia. Cleansing with baths is best done. Choose an existing anti-oxidant, hydration and moisturizing formula to keep your body fresh.

Body detox

Nutrition should also be noted. You can detox the body by taking fruit juices. Reduce the intake of coffee, sugar and salt in daily diet.

 Use honey

Honey is effective in treating, refining and preventing aging on the skin. Apply honey to all the skin parts you want for five minutes. After five minutes, clean the body with warm water.





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