Did not you ever feel like I was in high places? Time drive do you think you accidentally hit the front rail? There is a hand knife and a cat slaughter? Or do you have a drink to bite the glass until it breaks? Never felt it?

This phenomenon is called “Call of the Void” or in French l’appel du vide. Do not worry because this is normal. We like to know what so if we make certain action. Though the end result we maybe sick or dead. If you’re not suicidal, it’s normal and there’s no conclusion or explanation why this is so. There is a psychologist from Florida named this as “the high place phenomenon” and she said this thing is strange between the conscious and unconscious mind. There is something to say about this phenomenon experienced by who is sensitive to safety signals. So be careful, it’s more likely to weigh this thing. I’m not saying hurting yourself or suicidal thoughts it’s okay. It’s not okay and go seek for help my dear friends. Insanity is practically as saying yes to wrong impulse. So if the head of the brain still said not to jump, congratulations, you are still sane.

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