During this time many people think that OCD is the same as perfectionist, for example if people ask what OCD will answer ‘extreme perfectionist disease’. In fact, the answer is not accurate. This OCD is a disease and perfectionist is just a person’s personality. To find out more details, here are some details about this OCD and perfectionist. Just share for your understanding that these two bring different contexts.

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) Vs Perfectionist

OCD means Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, this OCD is not a personality that we say like “eh your chair is rubbing” “Your shoes are not organized” Yes I’m a little OCD. The OCD person is Obsessive, it is a twisting thought in his head. which makes the person making someone an OCD is that he has a Compulsive C, that thing will be repeated.

If people are Perfectionist, he just feels like “not beautifully unorganized” but if the OCD person if he is not organized when he does not make Obsessive Thought in him, can cause him to be Depression and can make him anxiety because he can not do things That is, if the OCD people get to the stage he will pull off the hair, as long as he does not do it as long as he will feel tortured.

OCD type

There are many types of OCDs, including Patterns, they need to be fixed, they want to follow OCD on Behavior / Behavior. He will wash always he must wake up at 6 am, if he wakes up at 5am he will stress until crying. OCD is a speficular one, but if more than 2 we have to go back to its origin.

OCD with Perfectionist is there’s a reason for ‘D’ at the end of the Disorder where it will interfere with one’s life function, if Perfectionist does not make him okay, it’s just uncomfortable. But if OCD breaks the function of life to the slow stage of going to the classroom because the hands wash up to an hour, until the hands are bleeding, or even stack it all up to stack many times.

Medicines For OCD People

Treatment for OCD people there are 2 types, the first of which is the medicine that will help her brain to be more stable, it is from a psychiatrist way, but the way a psychologist is focusing on the behavior gradually. For example, he can arrange shoes as usual but just one shoe let us, another week let’s have two shoes and wait until the shoes. It can be done in stages and can not stop suddenly.

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