Family Day

time to encourage caring

Varioun fun!

a. Aerobic excersize
b. Sliding Pool Bauncer – 20X30FT
c. Soopa Doopa Dry – 35X18FT
d. Giant Bubles Games
e. Sand Paper
f. Bouncing Games-35x20ft
g. Giant Pool-60X30FT
h. Bycle triker
i. Bycle drift
j. Mini archery
k. Paintball Shoot Target
l. Dodge Ball target
m. Basket Ball target
n. Sumpit target
o. Ring target
p. Dart target
q. Rumah hantu
r. Fun xplorace
s. 6 tele match mass games
t. Kuda padi ride!
u. Battelfield War (10 teams)

Tetative 1(kindle please advise us)

08.00 am          Depart to AsiaCamp

09.00 am          Welcome tea

09.30 am           Tele-match

12.30 pm           Leisure time

01.30 pm           Lunch/ Karaoke

04.00pm           Depart

Tetative 2(kindle please advise us)

08.00 am         Arrival / breakfast

8.30 am            Ice breaking session

slot 1:Team formation, star rising!

slot 2: Pre test

9.30 am            Water rafting

2.00 pm            Trek back to lodge / BBQ Lunch

3.00 pm            Explore & Race

Game 1 –  The Team Bonding Game (Capture the Scene)

Game 2 –  The Trust Game (Human Chair)

Game 3 – The Scarification Game (Human transfer)

Game 4 –The Blind Game (Leadership & followership games)

Games 5 –  The Cold Factor

5.30 pm             PM tea break / Post test

6.00 pm            Closing ceremony and See you guys again!





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