Weight loss occurs when the Body Mass Index (BMI) by age (BMI-for age) is below the 5 percentile line. You may be healthy but you have a high metabolic rate.

You may experience weight loss due to nutritional problems (“anorexia / bulimia”) or related medical problems (thyroid problems).

How to increase weight?

Get advice from your doctor to make sure that you do not have any related medical problems. If you do not have any related medical problems, weight can be increased by:

~ Increase food intake to increase calories.

~ If you are a person who does not eat in large quantities, you can eat in small quantities but often.

~ Try to eat six times a day (main meal and snack) like eating breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and evening meal (“supper”).

~ Snacks for morning drink, afternoon tea and evening drinks should be healthy and nutritious.

~ Choose foods that contain high protein and caloric content. Eat healthy and balanced foods.

~ Always work out. Exercise can improve your taste. Get enough sleep time. Your body will keep calories when you sleep.

~ Get advice from a Doctor or Nutritionist or Dietetic Officer if you want to take high dietary supplements or supplements to increase your weight.

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