Before this one was a person how to overcome depression so I would tell things that people rarely mention very much.

1. Yoga

I made yoga, yeah it’s not funny but this way there is less anxiety I especially. The same motion made me feel like vomiting. Yoga lessens my stress by the way I calm my mind from the outside world, when I do yoga I feel calm because the movement is very graceful and slow. I do suggest people who have depression for yoga because he is always a person who is depressed always thinking so much, so yoga like throwing it. then you will feel calm then you go back and forth.

2. Reduce the use of social media

If you use social media often you will read a lot of news or see a lot of things or people you do not like close social media even more if someone does not like us on social pages. You’ll automatically think and feel like you’ve got to comment or repost or share something related to that theme. It can all improve the level of depression especially when you’re kind of like to compare with others for example.

3. Go hiking while looking at the beautiful scenery

I feel calmer when I go out to get sunlight and close myself to nature. I love feeling when my feet can land, so I always go to walk on the ground I go hiking haha. sometimes people who are depressed she thinks she lives in the darkness, hear the songs whose lyrics are not hopeless with life.

4. Supporting community activities.

This is not a lot of things near our country but you can only find on any site that supports this mental problem. there are different people from different countries. The person who works through these things will understand you and they will support you mentally and physically.

5. Get advice from psychologists

believe me say you’re a story of a problem you’re close to your good friend or someone close to you and you do not understand what you’ve been through. When you see a mental illness you’re a story of a problem you’re all close to her, if she’s a good person and follow the rules she will not tell the secret story of her patient near someone else. Or read a book or material on issues related to the disease that is faced to treat it.

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