Acrophobia is a symptom when people are afraid of heights. It is one of the specific phobia that depends on the context and is one of the most common phobia.

What causes Acrophobia?

  1. Some psychologists argue that phobia is caused by a bitter experience that causes a person to become traumatized. In the case of acrophobia, this experience may include falling off the tree or witnessing someone injured from falling off high.
  2. Acrophobia is common that it may have genetic components. Most people experience some degree of fear and feel uncomfortable, for example, when standing on a very high cliff.
  3. The severe level that some people suffer from acrophobia can be maladaptive, preventing them from living in buildings more than one floor and disrupting daily activities such as climbing tall buildings.

Are there treatments for acrophobia?

  1. Find a therapist, because therapy can be very effective for phobia, including acrophobia, although it can take months or years in some cases to see the effects.
  2. Medicines will not make the phobia disappear, but may minimize the symptoms.
  3. The best way is to engage in rugged activities such as Abseiling, Flying Fox, Paragliding and others.

Therefore, the possibility that acrophobia is a combination of environmental and genetic components. People with a phobia may also experience phobia or other types of anxiety.

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