Bipolar Disease or Bipolar Disorder is one of the mental problems that have mood swings that are constantly changing between depression and mania. It is also known by another name Manic-Depression Disorder. Everyone understands the meaning of depression. But what does Mania mean?

Mania is an opponent of a sense of depression. Someone who has a mania is said to have excessive excitement, hyperactivity, less sense of sleep, the mind-swapping thinking is too fast that it speaks a lot.

Someone who is experiencing depression will have too much sadness, inactivity, fun to sleep, not having fun doing what he or she likes and hopes.¬†Therefore, Bipolar is a disease in which one has a mood that exchanges between mania and depression. That’s why the disease is named Bipolar. Polar means poles. Bipolar means having two poles. 2 The pole in this illness meant mania and depression.

The bipolar mood cycle can be fast. Where in the same week, the bipolar patient mood can change between moodiness and mania. But most of the bipolar patients are slower types of cycles. It means that the patient will experience a maniac condition that lasts for weeks or months before changing to a mood of depression or vice versa

Types of Bipolar Disease

Bipolar type 1

For this type of Bipolar disease, the patient will experience full episodes of mania and also depression. Usually episodes of mania will continue every day more than a week.

Type Bipolar 2

In this type of bipolar, patients will experience hypomania if they are compared to mania. Hipo means little. Hipomania means to have some symptoms of mania. Patients will have symptoms like joy, sleep deprivation, fun to talk, non-patient characters, likes to go shopping and so on. But it only lasts about 4 days compared to bipolar type 1 more than a week. In this case, family members often feel that the patient is still normal because the ‘mania’nya is not as bad as bipolar type 1

Symptoms of Bipolar Disease

Bipolar symptom during phase of mania

  1. Have high self confidence. For example it is fun to talk in instagram with high frequency even though it speaks something meaningless.
  2. More active
  3. Lack of sleep
  4. Less appetite and less weight
  5. Talk to his feet. In this case, the patient will talk one topic then go to another topic without spending the previous topic. This is because the idea in his head goes too much. Similarly in writing.
  6. The idea is too much
  7. Can not focus
  8. Likes to do a lot of activities that can hurt yourself. For example, the previous patient was a lazy person. Suddenly today she turns into over diligent things that can harm her. He was neat, he cut the grass, he switched the lamp and he also dared to climb the roof without using safety equipment just to see clean the drainage.
  9. Likes shopping without seeing how much you spend
  10. Aggressive behavior

Bipolar Symptoms when the phase is depressed

  1. Feeling sad and hopeless
  2. Has no interest in what he likes to do before
  3. Hard to sleep
  4. Looks not powered
  5. Feeling guilty and lacking confidence
  6. Always negative thoughts
  7. Feeling life is meaningless

If it’s bad, there will be an idea to commit suicide planning to the individual. Like any other mental illness. In bipolar, it must cause his work, his lifestyle and the important things in his life to be affected

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