Until now we will not be surprised when someone who is happy to see the phone or computer screen can affect their health and life. It not only interferes with one’s biology, it can also interfere with the relationship between spouses. In fact, the study also shows that this addiction will increase the risk for a person experiencing stress and anxieties as well when they do not know when to stop.

Even this addiction has also begun among children until they scold their parents when told to stop playing. So far anyone is willing to throw urine on their seats just to not miss a game during the game.

“The decision to include this diagnosis as one of the illnesses is based on evidence and research as well as the consensus of different disciplinary experts in which they are involved in the process of generating international disease classification (ICD)”

According to the WHO, the disease has signs such as the ability of a person to control his time while playing the game until it causes a negative impact on his daily life. To confirm this disease, its addiction to the game should be severe enough to cause a negative impact on yourself, family, learning, employment and society and it should take place for at least 12 months.

5 years ago, the American Psychiatric Association has begun identifying the disease and named it “Internet Gaming Disorder”. Where those who are addicted to this game are often those who play online games. So we see there are young people who are willing to go to ‘marshal’ in cybercafe from morning to evening just to play games.

As the disease has just been discovered, there has been no treatment or protocol that has been proven effective. But there are already associations and industries that provide assistance to those who suffer from this problem especially in America, China and South Korea.

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